Fresh Skin

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What is the Fresh Skin Club?

The Fresh Skin Club is a members-only skin care club offered by Beleza MedSpa with offices in Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park and Killeen Texas. Your membership entitles you to a choice of our most popular and effective skin care services each month. The services are available by appointment at all Beleza MedSpa locations. With multiple locations throughout Central Texas, we try make it easy and convenient for you to schedule your services.

How much is it to join the Fresh Skin Club?

3 months - $360 ($120 / month)
6 months - $600 ($100 / month)

Fresh Skin Club members have a choice of a 3 or 6 month membership. Members will be charged on the first day of each month and all memberships will auto-renew at the end of the membership term. You may cancel your membership with 30 days notice of your last month. The membership in non-transferrable and cannot be refunded for any reason. 

What services does the Fresh Skin Club include?

The great thing about the Fresh Skin Club is that your membership fee entitles you to hundreds of dollars of the latest procedures each month. We have hand picked a special menu of procedures that are optimized to maintain and rejuvenate your skin with little pain and downtime. Plus we priced the membership to be affordable and comparable to having your hair done. Combining consistent use of medical-grade products with the regular maintenance of your skin with these procedures will keep you looking fresh and youthful.

Fresh Skin Club members have a monthly choice of:

IPL Photofacial (face only)

Hydrafacial MD

Illuminize or Vitalize Peel

MicroPen Treatment ($75 upcharge)

Not everyone of these services may be needed each month depending on the condition of your skin. Consultation with your Beleza skin care provider can determine the right mix of procedures needed each month.

What are the rules of the Fresh Skin Club?

Fresh Skin Club members will be issued a membership card and ID number. All procedures are provided at the offices of Beleza MedSpa. Procedures are available on a first come, first served basis and are subject to availability. Procedures can be scheduled by calling or e-mailing Beleza MedSpa for an appointment. No guarantees are made for appointment availability at a specific office or time. Not all procedures are available at every Beleza office.

Some procedures cannot be performed if the condition of your skin makes it potentially harmful. This could include tanned skin for photofacials, use of certain medications like retinoids and accutane, active skin disease or pregnancy. Your Beleza skin care professional will inform you if there are any contraindications to a specific procedure. Your safety is always our number one goal.

Unused procedures each month will not be credited and have no cash value.  You cannot carry over procedures to another month nor transfer them to another individual.  The Fresh Skin Club can only be used by the individual who purchased it.

Other Terms & Conditions

The Fresh Skin Club makes no guarantees for the results of the included procedures. These procedures are performed under the supervision of Lawrence Broder MD who is owner and medical director of Beleza MedSpa.  All procedures require creation of a medical record and informed consent. Beleza MedSpa preserves the right to alter or discontinue this club at anytime. In event of discontinuation of the program, members will be refunded any unused membership on a prorated basis.